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Management & Leadership

  • Training and Education
CodeCourse TitleDurations (Days)
H1 5Es in People Management 2
H2 Achieving Excellence with Effective Time and Self Management 2
H3 Anger Management 2
H4 Basic Counseling Skills 2
H5 Becoming Professional Leaders 3
H6 Behavioral Competencies at Work 2
H7 Business Negotiation and Strategic Diplomacy 2
H8 Business Negotiation Skills 2
H9 Change Management - Inspired by Who Moved My Cheese 2
H10 Change Management and Managing Change 2
H11 Coaching and Counseling Skills 2
H12 Coaching and Mentoring Skills 2
H13 Coaching for Performance 2
H14 Conducting and Managing Effective Meetings 2
H15 Conflict Management and Resolution 2
H16 Conflict Management Workshop 2
H17 Coping with Change Proactively 2
H18 Counseling and Motivation Skills 2
H19 Crisis & Time Management Enhancement skills 2
H20 Critical Executive Management skills 2
H21 Decide on the Spot 2
H22 Delegating for Maximum Results 2
H23 Develop and Enhance Entrepreneurship Capability in an Organization 2
H24 Developing Effective Managerial Skills 2
H25 Developing Winning Supervisory Skills 2
H26 Effective Development of Performance Management System 2
H27 Effective Leadership and Interpersonal Skills 2
H28 Effective Managers of this New Age *PDL 2
H29 Effective Performance Management Workshop 2
H30 Effective Supervisory Skills 2
H31 Effective Time Management Skills 2
H32 Effectively Setting and Managing KPIs 2
H33 EQ at the Workplace 2
H34 Event Management 3
H35 Handling Difficult Employees 2
H36 Handling Difficult People 2
H37 How to Coach and Counsel Subordinates to improve work performance 2
H38 Influencing Skills 2
H39 Leader's Post (Leadership & Positive Work Attitude) 2
H40 Leadership & Motivation for Supervisors & Team Leaders 1
H41 Leadership at all levels 2
H42 Leadership for Line Leaders 2
H43 Leadership Skills 2
H44 Leading And Managing Change 2
H45 Management Development Program 2
H46 Management Ethics for Executives 2
H47 Managerial Competencies and Performance Management 2
H48 Managing Absenteeism 2
H49 Managing Change 2
H50 Managing Emotional Intelligence 2
Managing Meetings That Get Results 2
H52 Managing People for Results 2
H53 Managing Personal Improvements Workshop for Executives and Non-Executives 2
H54 Managing Poor Performance 2
H55 Managing with Innovation and Creativity 2
H56 Managing Work and Productivity Effectively 2
H57 Millennium Manager 2
H58 Motivating Supervisors for Higher Productivity 2
H59 Negotiation and Influencing Skills 2
H60 Negotiation Skills 2
H61 Office and Time Management 2
H62 Office Productivity, Time Management & Planning 2
H63 Paradigm Shift in Work Performance 2
H64 People Management Skills for Managers 2
H65 Performance Improvement 2
H66 Personal Effectiveness 2
H67 Personal Impact - The Essence of Leadership 2
H68 Planning, Organizing and Making Decisions Successfully 2
H69 Principle of Highly Effective People 2
H70 Proactive Leadership in Managing Change 2
H71 Problem Solving and Decision Making 2
H72 Setting Effective KPIs 2
H73 Seven Traits of Highly Successful People 2
H74 Situational Leadership 2
H75 Skills for Managerial Success 2
H76 Solutions Finding & Decision Making 2
H77 Strategic Business and Planning 2
H78 Strategic Thinking Skills for Managers 2
H79 Stress Management for Maximum Productivity 2
H80 Supervisors @ Work 2
H81 Supervisory Development Skills 3
H82 Supervisory Skills 2/4
H83 The Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS) 3
H84 The Path to Success Goal Setting 2
H85 Time and Stress Management 2/ 3
H86 Win-Win Negotiation Skills 2

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